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Inventory Management

    • How do I place an order?

      When on the product page choose the "With Inventory Management" option and enter the quantity you would like to order. Pay for the vouchers using your preferred payment method.

    • What happens after I place an order?

      If it is your first time ordering, you will receive an email with log in credentials as well as an email confirming your order. If it is not your first order, you will receive only one email confirming your order.

    • How do I access my account?

      Locate the email that was sent with a password reset link and enter your user name and password.

    • How do I distribute products to students?

      From the main dashboard, click on the "Xvoucher" tab. Locate the exam type you would like to assign and click the "assign" button. A window will pop up and you will enter the first name, last name, and email address of the student.

    • What will the candidate receive when a product is assigned?

      Once a product has been assigned to a student, they will receive two emails – one with log in credentials and one letting them know that an product has been distributed to them.

    • How does the student access their product?

      The student will log in to their account. They will see any items that have been assigned to them. They will click on the item they want to access, click the green begin button and they will receive their product or directly access their product from the platform.

    • How does a student register for an exam?

      Once the student has their exam voucher number, they will take that number to the Pearson VUE website to register for their exam.

    • Can I see if the student has accessed his or her account?

      Yes, you will be able to see when a student has accessed their account.

    • Can I set up additional Customer Admins?

      Yes, you can email designate other users as customer admins and they will have assigning rights as well.